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Tip Easiest to Maintain Vegetarian Health

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Tip Easiest to Maintain Vegetarian HealthAs a vegetarian, we need to maintain health. So we need to tip the easiest to maintain health. Most of these tip really all people, not just vegetarians apply. They may seem trivial, but they are good and you will see a difference in your health and energy to see.

  • Eat dark green vegetables (broccoli, spinach, kale, collard greens) at least three times a week. These nutritional powerhouses are loaded with vitamins, such as calcium and iron. On the run or hate spinach? Drink Your Greens. I recommend Naked Juice Green Machine made with fruit and vegetables, taste better than others.
  • Water, water, water! It has been said over and over again for a reason-because it’s true! Most people do not drink enough. Bring a bottle of water with you wherever you go and invest in a simple filter for your home. Water is very important when eating the formation of new species, because they can help curb cravings occur.
  • Reduce your intake of refined sugar. I had such a sweet tooth, like people, but I try to stuffing sugar substitutes such as brown rice syrup, Stevie and agave nectar whenever possible (such as in coffee and tea) and is involved in the control of fine occasionally.
  • Take a vitamin B12 supplement, containing or containing yeast nutrient regularly in your diet, especially if you are vegetarian or vegan most.
  • Make it a goal, at least try a piece of raw fruit or some raw vegetables every Daye, first apple to eat something in the morning to eat out of the way.
  • Eat the rainbow! Fruits and vegetables contain all the different nutrients. An easy way to remember the different vitamins and minerals eat vegetable colors. Of course, the greens are always good, but try to eat a rainbow tomatoes, yellow squash and purple cabbage!
  • Keeps your favorite salad dressing on hand? I found I was much more likely to eat my vegetables or raw vegetables, if my favorite salad dressing in the refrigerator. Various great little – I’m trying to at least two ways, either store bought or homemade on hand to maintain confidentiality at all times. Some of my favorite goddess dressing, Thai peanut sauce from my local store in Asia and raspberry sauce homemade. A vegan ranch dressing was helpful and if I even try to reduce dairy products.

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