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Connection between Green Tea and Fat Burning

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2762199_sTaking green tea always has numerous benefits although it is also said that it can burn fat this remains a hot debatable topic. A good number of people often take green tea as part of their weight lose plan. Even weight lifters have not been left behind as they also as they use green tea in order to achieve the results they are looking for as they build their bodies.

Green tea is gotten from a plant known as Camelia Sinesis. Unlike some other herbal teas that have to be fermented in order to get the final product, Green tea is not derived through this process making it more wholesome since all the nutrients will remain. This is what makes green tea one of the best for burning the excess fat.

Caffeine is also known to have the capability of getting rid of fat in our bodies. Although green tea has much lower levels of caffeine compared to coffee, it other components come in handy replacing the lack of adequate caffeine. The two ingredients that combine to give this plant its color is the caffeine and plyphenols produce epigallocatechin a very strong catechin which help to minimize the absorption of calories and allows the fat to be burned at a faster speed. Green tea and fat burning always go hand in hand.

It has been noted in the British Journal of Nutrition that caffeine combined with epigallocatechin speed up the metabolic process when exercising and when an individual is inactive. For the people who body build, they often go through extreme exercises that sometime make them feel weak; green tea helps them to keep their energy levels up. This is also a plus as they end up burning more calories. In its pure form taking of pholyphenols is important as it acts as an enhancer.

From the research done and documented by the American Journal of Nutrition one can get about 300 mg of caffeine from five full cups of green tea. If you take more than these then, you are likely to suffer from irritability, lack of sleep, inconsistent heartbeats, lightheadedness, poor appetite headache and in some rare cases even diarrhea. It is therefore important to take the correct amount and avoid any health complications.

By breaking down fat through the process known as themogenesis, it was noted through research that individuals who took green take or almost a decade had less body fat compared to those who did not drink this tea.  These changes can even take place after twelve weeks of taking green tea that contains about 690 catechins. There was also a noted reduction of waist size. This is through a research done by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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