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How To Renovate Your Meal Plan For Gains You Can Enjoy

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Are you tired of eating the same stuff every day? Are you having trouble sticking with the nutrition plans you set for yourself? There is nothing inherently enjoyable about bodybuilding nutrition, because the point is to enjoy your body and not the food, but we know a few ways to put the pleasure back in eating for bulk.  This quick guide can help.food_in_slow_cooker

Equip Yourself With The Right Lunchtime Tools

Make life easier on yourself by ensuring that you have the appropriate containers and tools. We suggest buying a nice set of portable lunch containers (look for glass if you are worried about longevity) with durable lids, in every size from small for sauces to extra-large for a side of ribs. Make sure that your lunch containers are easy to clean ? many of the cheaper brands are useless without a dishwasher, especially considering how badly the lid lips tend to collect grime.

It is important to have a decent cooler because there are definitely going to be times when you need to take your lunch but will not be around a refrigerator. Ample space is helpful, but it is also important to make sure it is portable and comfortable to carry. If your first priority is insulation, some bodybuilders skip ordinary lunch coolers altogether and go with a baby bag for carrying milk bottles.

Don’t forget your chopping, cooking, and prep tools! We think that every bodybuilder should own at least one food scale, a nice set of measuring cups, a blender, a shake mixer, a vegetable processor, and a slow cooker. Rice/veggie/meat steamers are extremely helpful as well. When purchasing prep appliances, focus on finding items that are easy to clean. You’ll feel so much better about making your own meals when

Rearrange Your Usual Meals With Simple Recipes

The average bodybuilding diet consists of cans of tuna, spoons of peanut butter, sliced hardboiled eggs, unseasoned chicken breast, and of course, those ubiquitous protein shakes. It’s not exactly uncommon to find somebody who eats more or less the same few ingredients every day in an attempt to stay without strict macronutrient requirements.

If you are on a limited diet, you might find renewed interest in nutrition by simply creating new recipes using the ingredients that you love most. Browse through bodybuilding magazines and online communities for great ideas: when bodybuilding and gourmet creativity meet, the results are amazing. You might even learn how to gain weight fast through new ingredients you never even thought to try before.

Instead of eating a plain tuna sandwich with a side of veggies, you might enjoy the flavor of a nice wrap. Pick up a supply of wheat pita, sprouted grain tortillas, or flax seed wraps and learn to make flavorful creations using your favorite meats and vegetables. Instead of downing plain or sweetened yogurt, you could jump on the Greek yogurt trend by adding chives and garlic for a great vegetable dip or sandwich topping.

Cook With Leftovers In Mind / Use A Slow Cooker

It is incredibly easy to find yourself burnt out on finger foods ? most of the recipes designed for portability barely pass as meals. Even the most dedicated bodybuilders get tired of hardboiled eggs and peanut butter from time to time. We always suggest indulging in a good, healthy, home-cooked meal as often as possible and preferably every night. Make enough leftovers so that you have something to take with you the next day.

This is relatively easy to accomplish with the help of a slow cooker. You can put your ingredients in the cooker before you leave in the morning, letting it simmer throughout the day. You’ll have a delicious and wholesome meal to look forward to when you come home, and you’ll have plenty left over to portion into plastic containers for later.

You’ll gain mass and save money by going home-cooked. Keep an eye open for sales and discounts at the local farmer’s market ? keep an eye open for healthy brown rice, lean cuts of meat, in-season vegetables, etc. This tactic works even better if you know somebody who is willing to lend a spare bit of deep freezer space. We particularly recommend the farmer’s market because you might be surprised how similar farmers and bodybuilders really are when it comes to the need for workout fuel.

Get excited! You will no longer have to dread your meals; you will no longer have to settle with protein shakes for lack of better options. There is a whole world of knowledge on bodybuilding nutrition and millions of new techniques and recipes to try. Do whatever you can to make bulking season more bearable to increase your chances of staying true to your chosen techniques.


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